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Many of those who come to this site have already been following Waco for years, but for those who have not, who have perhaps come here because of the recent revelations, I want to lay out the resources available on this site.

First, I would not claim that my site is the best resource on every aspect of Waco. So I would recommend my Links page, which describes other Waco sites, which may give you some idea of where else you want to go depending on what particular area you are interested in. For offline, you may find my Waco Books page useful. I also have a Videos page, but it is not as complete as the previous two. However, there are some things at my site you might want to check out first!

The most important point I want to get across is that these recent admissions by the FBI hardly mark the first time something the government has said about Waco has proved wrong. Unfortunately, the truth about many of these points has been buried on the back pages, leaving most people with the original misinformation. Thus, I am compiling a Misinformation List to point out many of these myths.

If you want to get a feel for the Branch Davidian outlook on the world, from their own words, probably the most helpful page on my site would be survivor Catherine Matteson's speech from this year's anniversary. Also, Gladys Ottman made some brief remarks last year. (There are also comments by Clive Doyle, last year and this year, but these do not deal so much with their worldview.)

On their theology, I have an incomplete paper on the Adventist-Davidian Tradition that is meant to outline the evolution of Branch Davidianism from its Seventh-day Adventist roots. My page on Branch Davidian factions also touches on theology.

Interested in what happened on the first day? The jury forewoman of the Davidian trial, Sarah Bain, tells how things looked to the jury. Her message: "If there is anything that I would ask, that those of you who are present... remind everyone who could still- considers the Branch Davidians to be murderers- they were found NOT GUILTY of the count of murder, they were found NOT GUILTY on the count of conspiracy to commit murder."

On the final assault, I am working now on a commentary describing my ideas of what happened on April 19, which are different from either the theory that the Davidians committed suicide or that the FBI started the fire. Right now, all I have up is a short page on Janet Reno's Reasons, which I have only just resumed working on after months of neglect.

The child abuse allegations are really not delved into at my site right now, but Catherine Matteson's talk may give you some insight. I also briefly discuss them at Reno's Reasons.

The 1987 shootout between David Koresh and George Roden is often cited as evidence of his violent propensities. Actually, there are many parallels between that his raid and the ATF raid. Be that as it may, I have the account of George Roden's ex-wife Amo Roden- unfortunately, I don't have an account from one of the survivors.

I am very concerned that this latest round of investigations bring out the facts. In Constitution in Crisis, written before the latest events, I try to lay out just what is at stake. When you realize how close the recently exposed facts came to being buried forever, you can see how close our system came to failing completely- but the momentum may still be lost.

If you want to go to Mt. Carmel and see where it all happened, I have directions on my Visit Mt. Carmel page.

Do you want to hear more from some of the people you're seeing on television? I have a transcript of a speech by Michael McNulty, the documentary filmmaker who got the ball rolling by discovering the proof that pyrotechnic rounds were used. I also have a speech by Michael Caddell, one of the lawyers involved with the civil suit, who has also popped up on TV.

One of the "specialties" of my site, coverage of the annual anniversaries at Mt. Carmel, unfortunately doesn't do a lot to tell "what happened" at Waco. However, if you are interested in the perspective of various anti-government groups and personalities, you might want to check out my Waco '98 page.

I hope this summary will help guide you to the pages on my website that bear on your interests.

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