Welcome to the T'ien-Kuo: my page on the Waco tragedy of 1993! This page is an Internet source for information on Waco, the Branch Davidians, and David Koresh.

It's almost here...

The long-dreaded date is finally upon us:


In preparation for the Y2K bug, I have retreated to my fortified mountaintop cabin, holing up with my arsenal of automatic weapons, explosives stockpile, homemade booby-traps, two-year supply of canned food, well-drawn water and water purification tablets, generators, batteries, vacuum-tube shortwave radio, and mail-order Asian bride. I have prepared for all my needs during the time of tribulations as our computer-dependent civilization collapses.

Because the Y2K bug will destroy the Internet, this site will disappear. To preserve its knowledge- make hard copies!

On the other hand, perhaps the Y2K bug will not be all it's cracked up to be. If, after a few days, it turns out that civilization is not collapsing, I will come down from the mountains, and start updating this site again. However, there will be no updates for at least a couple of days after the New Year.

While I have changed the layout of this home page, the only new addition is a non-Waco page I am working on, Microsoft Anti-Trust Links.