DAVID KORESH: The Vernon Howell Epistles


by David Koresh

Transcribed by Marc Breault

Dear Fellow SDA,

Please read this letter with honest sincerity. You, as well as I, know that we as a people have for some time been on a downward path. Few seem to care any more. Worldliness is something sought for by many and the SDA colleges appear to be one of the many launching pads for it. It is not my purpose to give my opinions and views on the matters thus spoken; that would categorize me with all the other vain talkers and do-nothing groups. I have been given a work to do, and the grace to do it. If you will be honest with God and yourselves, you will be able to see the importance and magnitude of what has been given me to say.

At the 85 General Conference session in New Orleans, I addressed some of the leading brethren there and told them that God had spoken to me and had opened many of the sealed prophecies for this time to me. I told them that it was prophetically significant that the GC was being held in New Orleans, and they needed to know what God had revealed to me from the Bible and in vision. I was quite alarmed to hear some of the leaders laugh; I was told to take the matter to my home church, and that if they saw any light in it, that I would then be given a hearing by a special committee of GC. I was informed that it would take from six months to a year.

In your own mind, you can reason that a dooms-day prophet, such as Elijah, would not stand a chance today. So, seeing that the GC brethren will not be reached, God has instructed me to present the cause of truth to all who will hear. God has a plan for these last days and no one wants to hear it.

Read these passages: 2 Peter 1:19-21; Isaiah 2; Micah 4; Hosea 3:5; Daniel 2:43,44; Ezekiel 36; Prophets and Kings p. 678, 713, 714, 299. Christ's Object Lessons. p. 284-297.


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