I am incorporating into my site a fraction of the voluminous content once available at Mark Swett's "Waco Never Again/Research Center" site: Dr. James Tabor's Why Waco? archive, and some early David Koresh letters transcribed by Marc Breault. Other Research Center materials are available at John Mann's site in plain-text form, including transcripts of some David Koresh Bible studies by Donald Bunds and some manuscripts by Livingstone Fagan that were in my original "Research Center Salvage" years ago.

I'll mention a few other related links. The official Mt. Carmel site has poems by Jaime Castillo, as well as newer Fagan papers than those that were at Waco Never Again. The autopsy material on Mark Swett's site was drawn from Carol Valentine's Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum. He carried an excerpt about the April 19 fire from Carol Moore's book, The Davidian Massacre, which is available on her site. (William McGivers' website also mirrored some Research Center pages, but that site is gone now, too.)

Also, although I believe Mark had gotten out of the business of selling audiotape sets of some of David's Bible studies, those interested in such tapes should know that some tapes are available through the Mt. Carmel Survivors Memorial Fund.

Mt. Carmel Survivors Memorial Fund
PO Box 120
Axtell, TX 76624

"Waco Never Again": The First Takedown

For those who want more explanation why I am adding these materials, here is more background:

For years, the "Research Center" website of elite Waco researcher Mark Swett served as one of the most valuable and informative sites on David Koresh and his beliefs. Around September 2000, he made the startling announcement that he was walking away from Waco and taking down his site, to repair the damage that his Waco preoccupation had done to his personal life.

I respected Mark's wishes to withdraw from the Waco field. However, his site also contained material from third parties, whose willingness to make their contributions available to the public would presumably not have been affected by Mark's personal decision. These materials didn't seem to be finding new homes on the Web, so I began to contact some of these contributors about making this material available on my site. Then, a day or two after I posted these files to my site, Mark came back online, rendering my efforts moot. (Later, I also learned that John Mann had already posted much of the content in plain-text files at his site.)

Dead Again

Now that Mark's site is back in the 404 graveyard, my main response is to direct visitors to John Mann's site. Had I known that he was already mirroring Waco Never Again materials, I probably wouldn't have started my original effort. However, there are two sets of files that I have decided to restore:

The main reason I am adding Jim Tabor's Why Waco? collection is that these materials are not in the Mann archive. However, I also feel that they integrate well with content already on my site, like my transcript of the critical Arnold/Tabor KGBS broadcast. And I am further enhancing the Why Waco? section by adding a couple of files I found on Gopher.

Marc Breault's transcriptions of early David Koresh letters are a special case. When I included them in my original Salvage section, I wrote some introductory comments for them. When Mark brought his website back up, I decided that my comments contained some helpful information, so I kept them on a gateway page that linked to the letters on his site. With Mark's site gone, I could have switched the links to John Mann's text files, but since I still have my original Salvage files that I had gone to the trouble of creating, I decided to repost them.

(There is a third group of files worthy of note, the David Koresh Passover letters, sent out during the siege. Mark had on his site GIFs of typewritten versions of those letters. I included the GIFs in my original Salvage section, and also ran them through an OCR program to create plain-text files of the letters. These text files remained on my site, because I thought it might be useful to have the letters in text form, especially since I will refer back to them in an analysis of the Passover letters I am preparing. However, since these files never existed on Waco Never Again, I don't consider them part of the Salvage.)

Concluding Thoughts

The death of the "Research Center" was an unfortunate blow to those interested in the Waco tragedy and David Koresh's theology. Hopefully, one day Mark will resurrect his site, which included far more than what I have here or what John Mann's site has.

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