Breakdown of Branch Davidians

  Totals:                           Children Who Died in Fire (cont.)
                                    Paige Gent infant
  Died on February 28      6        Chica Jones 22mos
  Died on April 19        74        Latwan Jones 22mos
  Total Dead:             80        Serenity Sea Jones 4
                                    Startle Summers 1
  Survived Fire            9        Mayanah Schneider 2
  Exited MtCarmel         35        Hollywood Sylvia 2
  Outside on 28th          6
                                    Crystal Martinez 3
  Total BD's             130        Isaiah Martinez 4
                                    Joseph Martinez 8
                                    Melissa Morrison 4
  Men: 41
  Women: 46                         Rachel Sylvia 13
  Children: 43                      Lisa Martin 13
                                    Sheila Martin 15
  -------------------------------   Abigail Martinez 11
                                    Audry Martinez 13

  Died on February 28 (6)           -----------------------------------------
  Winston Blake
  Peter Gent
  Peter Hipsman                     Survived Fire (9)
  Perry Jones                       Misty Ferguson
  Michael Schroeder                 Derek Lovelock
  Jaydean Wendel                    David Thibodeau
                                    Marjorie Thomas
  -------------------------------   Renos Avraam
                                    Jaime Castillo
                                    Clive Doyle
  Adults Who Died in Fire (53)      Graeme Craddock
  David Koresh                      Ruth Riddle
  Catherine Andrade
  Jennifer Andrade                  -----------------------------------------
  Alrick George Bennett
  Susan Benta
  Mary Jean Borst                   Children Who Exited During Siege (21)
  Pablo Cohen                       Renea Fagan
  Abedowalo Davis [Dabbo Thomas?]   Neharah Fagan
  Shari Doyle                       Mark Jones
  Beverly Elliot                    Kevin Jones
  Doris Fagan                       Heather Jones
  Evette Fagan                      Daniel Martin
  Lisa Farris                       James Martin
  Raymond Friesen                   Kimberly Martin
  Nicole Elizabeth Gent             Christyn Mabb
  Aisha Gyarfas                     Jacob Mabb
  Sandra Hardial                    Scott Mabb
  Diana Henry                       Natalie Nobrega
  Pauline Henry                     Bryan Schroeder
  Phillip Henry                     Crystal Sonobe
  Stephen Henry                     Angelica Sonobe
  Vanessa Henry                     Joshua Sylvia
  Zilla Henry                       Joann Vaega
  Novellette Sinclair Hipsman       Landon Wendel
  Floyd Houtman                     Patron Wendel
  Sherri Jewell                     Juanessa Wendel
  David Michael Jones               Tamarae Wendel
  Michele Jones
  Rachel Jones Howell               -----------------------------------------
  Jeffery Little
  Livingstone Malcolm
  Anita Martin                      Adults Who Exited During Siege (14)
  Diane Martin                      Sheila Martin
  Douglas Wayne Martin              Catherine Matteson
  Wayne Martin                      Margaret Lawson
  Juliet Santoyo Martinez           Oliver Gyarfas
  John Mark McBean                  Kathryn Schroeder
  Alison Bernadette Monbelly        James Lawter
  Rosemary Morrison                 Gladys Ottman
  Sonia Murray                      Annetta Richards
  Theresa Nobriega                  Ofelia Santoya
  James Riddle                      Rita Riddle
  Rebecca Saipaia                   Victorine Hollingsworth
  Judy Schneider                    Livingston Fagan
  Steve Schneider                   Brad Branch
  Cliff Sellors                     Kevin Whitecliff
  Fioracita Sonobe
  Scott Sonobe                      -----------------------------------------
  Gregory Summers
  Lorraine Sylvia
  Margarida Joann Vaega             In Area but Outside MtCarmel Feb 28th (6)
  Neil Vaega                        Norman Allison (Delroy Nash)
  Mark Wendel                       Paul Fatta
                                    Woodrow Kendrick
  -------------------------------   Mary Jones
                                    Janet Kendrick
                                    Don Bunds
  Children Who Died in Fire (21)    [Michael Schroeder counted above]
  Chanel Andrade 14mos
  Cyrus Howell 8                    -----------------------------------------
  Star Howell 6
  Bobbie Lane Koresh 2
  Dayland Gent 3                    Out of Area During Siege
  (cont.)                           Karen Doyle (California)
                                    Stan Sylvia (California)
                                    Janet McBean (California)

WACOCULT Note: This list does not count two late-term foetuses (carried by Nicole Gent and Aisha Gyarfas) among the dead, as many do.

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