Note: I recommend that those who have not read David Koresh's unfinished Seven Seals manuscript [mirror], do so before reading this poem, as large parts of it are difficult to understand for those who have not.

Battles of Shaking

Who wants to quiver?
	Who wants to quibble?
So the glorious light river has gone out from the Throne Room
of The Father speaking of non-feathered love birds; speaking of
virgins not bringing forth sons until the inner meaning of the
law be reversed removing man from the curse, and love birds
gather each one with mate for the marriage of the King.
	So	the Great Wise One Owl gathers under Her Shadow
	Who will abide under the shadow of The Allmighty?
	What about this shadow of A Great Rock in a weary land?
	Is anybody weary yet?   Why not look to the land
that is very far off? Will we see The Holy King in His Beauty?
	Is it far off to consider Beulah Land (married land)
or is it close now? How is your thing with The Living God?
Do you get a few kisses every morning? smooches at night,
snuggles and massages all evening, flow of life giving good
for others all day? Incredumous Sabbath wholeness
completing rest of excruciating delight?
	If you do, then wonderful who could be anything
but very very glad for you. No doubt your faith is
great if it's so! but if you don't  why not?
	Point being are not these some of the bare essences of
being married even according to our dull clay senses.
	How about going on? to what?
Someone who allready has everything you need and all the
right buttons to push to gain max pleasure. Thats what the
creation is for, right? Well, how are You Holy Elohim going
to experience Your Joy? Will you accept it in me as an
offering to Thee? Or, in she? Will You take delight in
receiving Your pleasure in man?
should we be brought to a measure of fullness maturity stature
to graciously receive (died to self enough) from our brother, sister
for You, on behalf of You as gift to You?
	May we also then receive from You even if You choose
not to personally "come into the city" but just come just and lowly
even riding upon an ass, upon a colt the foal of an ass even if
darkness of clay is Your chosen Pavilion, Your house we make You?
hm The Holy 'with man' God, the "more than guns" God.
	Is there any bearing fruit still in old age yet? Any blossoming
and budding and filling the earth with fruit? Well do we know
where fruit is found from yet? How about Jacob the supplanter
seeing his children The Work of My Hands in the midst of him?
Any rejoicing yet? And best of all as creme de la creme
may we be gifting out abroad from Your Storehouse, for surely
in Your Loving Tender Parenthood this must be among Your chief pleasure.
	So if this kind of experience is not yet enjoyed shall we still
content ourselves that we got it made with God, attained all ready?
Are you content? Are you satisfied with your thing going with God?
There's got to be more than what's happening out there in the
churches and such and even right with ourselves isn't there?
	But maybe some of us are just content to get an invitation
to come as a bystander to the marriage of The Great Holy King.
	If we start to see the King a little more in His Beauty
just and lowly riding maybe we'll never be content till we're
fully clothed with a wedding garment ourselves so that the Holy
Boldness of The Lion of The Mighty One will come upon us
by faith to preach glad tidings, proclaiming of release to the captives,
set the prisoners free, cast up the stumblingblocks and invite to the
high way proclaiming the acceptable year of our Holy Mighty Saving Lifegiver!
	If there is a glorious annointing brother/sister placed in your
path so that it looks like you're being gathered each one with mate
by our Comforting Lifegiver Holiest Mother Wisdom do you think
you'll be 'fighting' with that grounded staff with shaking. I hope you do
...because its glorious...  glorious gifting...  glorious gathering
because its glorious ...  glorious gifting  ...  glorious gathering
glorious gifting gathering from on High
	Who wants to quiver?
		Who wants to quibble?
	  Do you love God yet?
		  Are you suffering from  Glorious Delusion
					     A Splendid Trace
					    A Warm Embrace
					   Almost Love
					  With Heart Apace?
=O please get us shaking real good  Good God!=
	We've thanked You for giving us a measure of
trembling at Your Word but what will We do if You
really seriously, Book, come down and walk all around
we will rip off those covers and tear out those pages in
tunin' fits of human rages 'fighting' with shaking.
	Is it going to be necessary for The Merciful Mighty One
to come with a rod for there to be realization of a
higher needed experience to be fitted for connection to the
family above?
	Will there be tunin' fits of human rages ragingly anxious
for a closer walk, a closer experience with You even if
You want to keep Your distance, so to speak, by hiding Yourself
O God of Israel in temples not made with human hands?
Is Deep calling to Deep at the noise of Your waterspouts
as all Thy Billows and Thy Waves have gone over my head. Selah
	Why do You make darkness Your pavilion? Why do You
hide Yourself, hide Your Light ness in clay pots? Why is it
turned as clay to the seal? Seal upon the heart even?
Does it please You well? Is it more glorious for You?
Do You like the way Your Strength can be made perfect
in weakness that way? Will our shaking be pleasurable to You?
The knees of my heart...
The knees of my heart are getting ever so wonderfully bruised.

	What grounded staff?
	What annointing?
	What Spirit poured upon us?
	What, Christ in you?
	What  yoke destroyed? hm...
				Who wants to quiver?
					Who wants to quibble?
			Who is all aghast	and all aglee
		     at the holiness hope	  of loving Thee?
						even in he?
						  even in she?
				Anyone say
						me, me, me?
			     Mm how sweet
			... Gather Together ...
			  ... My Saints ...
			   ... Unto Me ...
						mm mm mm
				    who have made
				     a covenant
				      with Me
					by sacrifice
Let be
   Let be
  The Holy Holy Hope of Loving Thee
    O Your Holy River
	bring blessed life
    O Your Holy River
	causing we to quiver
	  freeing us from strife
					  Let be
					     Let be
					i love Your Holy River Flood
					    make me cry like a baby
					 i love Your holy flood
					  i love Your Holy Flood
					   i love Your Holy Flood
					Holy Holy Holy  Holy Holy Holy Holy

-Phil Ottman

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