DAVID KORESH: The Passover Letters


These are the texts of David Koresh's letters from his final days, sent out during Passover. The two letters to the FBI are delivered as communications from God channeled through his prophet, David, and have been widely misinterpreted in my judgment. On the last day of Passover, he sent a message to his lawyer announcing that he would leave the complex after writing down his Seven Seals exposition.

David Koresh dictated these letters to Judy Schneider, and they were sent out in her handwriting. Copies of the handwritten pages were reproduced in Appendix E of the official Justice report.

(I made these files by running GIFs from Mark Swett's site of typewritten versions through OCR software. I forget whether the Davidians also sent out typed versions, or these GIFs are of transcriptions typed up by the FBI. I tried with these plain-text files to mirror the formatting of the typewritten pages, except that there seems to be a half-space before and after ampersands, rather than a full space. I could not replicate this with ASCII.)

David Koresh Letter to the FBI 4-10-93   (Mark's GIF)

David Koresh Letter to the FBI 4-11-93 Page 1    (Mark's GIF)

David Koresh Letter to the FBI 4-11-93 Page 2    (Mark's GIF)

David Koresh Letter to attorney Dick DeGuerin 4-14-93    (Mark's GIF)


The FBI letters have usually received a superficial reading. The FBI saw them as threatening, and have used them to portray David Koresh as violent and unbalanced. In fact, they were positive signs, intended to set the stage for his manuscript announcement.

On April 1, two religious scholars, Drs. Phil Arnold and Jim Tabor, had made a radio broadcast directed at David, in which they broached the idea that David might yet have a mission to write down his teachings. As the Passover season approached, David mulled over their words and, consciously or subconsciously, reached a decision to write his Seven Seals manuscript. Passover, their holiest holiday, was typically a time when new doctrines were announced.

Throughout the siege, Koresh had held that he needed a "message from God" to come out; but rather than a single revelation, he released a series of messages.
the messages signaled that the "hotline" was open.

I AM your God and you will bow under my feet.

Do you want Me to laugh at your pending torments? Do you want Me to pull the heavens back and show you My anger?!

...fear Me, for I have you in My snare.

Fear Me and "the hour of My Judgment," for it has come.

...the Lake Waco area of Old Mount Carmel will be terribly shaken. The waters of the lake will be emptied through the broken dam.

While the letters may have talked of earthquakes, torments, snares, and wrath, all of these were supernatural powers under the control of God, not something David Koresh himself could do.

On the last day of Passover, April 14th, he sent out a letter to Dick DeGuerin

I'll add a few words about how the Passover letters came to be on my site. For a time, Mark Swett took his "Waco Never Again/Research Center" site offline, and I decided to mirror certain materials from his website. I included the GIFs, but decided to go an extra mile and make text files of them. A day or two after I finally posted my mirror, Mark resurrected his site, rendering my efforts moot. However, the text files of the Passover letters could be convenient to some people, so I've added them to my regular site.

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