The lawsuit over this property has been going on for 17 years. I, Amo Paul Bishop Roden, have been a party to the lawsuit for all those years. I watched the McLennan County Courts give David Koresh the church property by dismissing purchaser and trustee George Roden's lawsuit to remove Koresh (after Koresh's March 23, 1988 hostile takeover of the property). That dismissal was done by summary judgment by Judge Derwood Johnson (who refused George Roden's request for a transcript) on Jan. 29, 1989. At that time summary judgment, which denies jury, was only to be used when there were no facts in controversy, juries you see are supposed to determine facts. There were, however, two claimants to church leadership and two claimants to trusteeship, George Roden was the trustee on the deed. The appellate courts refused to hear the case.

I didn't learn much from that lawsuit, although it dragged on into late 1991, when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear it. But I got a legal education after the Branch Davidian Standoff. The first thing a guilty government does when they confront a group is to steal their property. That is why you've never heard of The Arm, The Sword, and The Covenant of The Lord.

Starting in May, 1993, there were several attempts to take the property from the church. A quick attempt to give it to Koresh's survivors (which would have set up a government claim under the felony forfeiture statutes) failed because it relied on a claim that Koresh's survivors had 5 years peaceable and exclusive possession and they were three weeks short. I took the newspaper clippings to that hearing. Next, the State wanted the church to pay for the lead contamination caused when the ATF had the site of the fire bulldozed without removing the bullets, which were in the interior bunker on a concrete floor. I filed the State's own documents showing that the lead contamination could easily be prevented. Finally, the survivor's attorney tried to get a court order to sell the equipment (with the church property as the last item on the list). I filed documents from deed records, which showed Koresh's claim tied by that volume and page number to an invalid deed. tied Koresh's claim. Literally no one had ever removed George Roden as trustee from the valid deed. At this point I had learned a little about court orders. The Texas Water Commission sought a court order to clean up the lead contamination, and eventually the survivor's attorney got a court order to sell the equipment. I moved onto the church property and opened it to the public. Despite being burned out twice and having a pavilion torn down, I lived on the property and informed the public until 2000.

The case lapsed in 1994 and then returned to the courts in 1996 as the Koresh's survivors tried to claim the property again. About 1999, while the case was still in District Court, Clive Doyle tried to evict me in a Commissioner's Court in Mart, Texas (Precinct 2). Judge Belinda Summers told him and his cohort Charles Pace that they needed a piece of paper showing that they had the right to control the property. By now I knew that she was referring to a court order.

In 2000, the jury ruled that Koresh's survivors were not the trustees and neither was I. I thought that 2000 court order settled things and I left for four years to do literature evangelism at Bible Schools, Theological Seminaries and churches.

I returned to Waco in September 2004, and decided to make my home on the church property in November and rebuild a church and an office. I was wrong about the court order of 2000 settling things. I found myself in another war over the property. WITHOUT A COURT ORDER, Clive Doyle and his cohort Charles Pace finished their fence and locked the gate they had built in 2000. They denied me a key. They began a program of harassment, vandalism, theft, assault and character assassination designed to drive me off the church property. Sheriff's deputies have told me that because of the question about the ownership of the property, I have no protection except civil lawsuit. (So much for the seven years I spent in the courts getting that 2000 court order!) The problem with civil lawsuit is that the courts seem too busy to hear my motion for temporary injunction (to get the gate unlocked and stop the attempts to force me off the church property with sheer meanness). The lawsuit was served on Clive Doyle and Charlie Pace both by Jan. 18, 2005. My motion for temporary injunction to unlock the gate and give me some degree of protection was first scheduled to be heard at 2PM on Feb. 18 11, 2005. Then my motion was rescheduled to March 9, 2005 at 9AM. Now it has been rescheduled to April 13, 2005. Still not heard!

While this may be simply bad luck, I have been the only person informing the public who was an eye witness to what happened in the courts. Acting as my own attorney, I got an eyeful and earful. Also I saw George Roden wounded in the Koresh / Roden shootout (and saw what led up to that) and watched Koresh's hostile takeover of the property. Because I was on the property from August 1993 to 2000, I was able to do my own investigation (many people made a point of helping me) and document the cover-up and I still publish the results with copies of the hidden pictures. I also air David Koresh's dirty laundry. All in all I have a lot of enemies. It is beginning to seem that they might be trying to see how much abuse it takes to break a 62-year-old woman.

Currently visitors to the property are told that I am "not a member of the church" and sometimes, that I am a "panhandler". People loiter at the front gate to prevent me talking to visitors. When I last searched Google, I discovered 353 websites, which mention the words Amo Roden Branch Davidian. Not only am I a Branch Davidian, by coincidence (perhaps) I am the one Branch Davidian that the government does not want you to ever talk with.

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