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Welcome to WACO CULT: an Internet resource for information on the Waco tragedy of 1993, the Branch Davidians, and David Koresh. My special coverage of the annual memorial services at Mt. Carmel has been separated into its own site.

This site used to be known as TIENKUO a couple of years ago, and has been on a couple of free webhosts. When my last host pulled the plug on their free hosting, I held off on moving to a new freehost. I intended to get my own domain name, and thought a free site would only be around for a short time. However, realizing now that I'm still without a site after all this time, I thought it best to get my site back up and running.

Please be patient as I get my site back up. I have reorganized my site into subdirectories and split off the material on the Waco anniversaries to a sister site, and some links may remain broken. Much of my material is out of date and needs to be updated. Expect my site to be ragged for a while.



Site Overview version:9/11/99

Danforth's Preliminary Report: An investigation with rigged rules. in progress:7/22/00

Danforth Semi-Final Report: First impressions. in progress

Waco Misinformation courtesy of the ATF and FBI. in progress:9/6/99

Visit Mt. Carmel Directions to Mt. Carmel. version 5/11/01 photo


Constitution in Crisis: An effort to outline the important issues Waco poses for our democracy.

It Wasn't a Compound! Look in the dictionary... version:9/12/99

Jack Danforth and the Ghost of Earl Warren version:11/17/00

Waco Jokes Editorial: Should We Be Laughing? version:7/30/99

Janet Reno's Reasons: Her rationales are so flimsy, they might be better termed "irrationales." in progress 9/11/99

Reflections From Oklahoma City: Published the day of McVeigh's execution.7/11/01


The Adventist-Davidian Tradition in progress 9/11/05

David Koresh: Early Letters Transcribed by Marc Breault, originally hosted by Mark Swett version:8/27/05

Daughters Of Zion
Get Ready!
The Message
Letter To Sister Smith
Letter To The Seventh-Day-Adventist Church
Blow Ye The Trumpet In Zion

David Koresh: Passover Letters in progress:11/23/01

The Arnold/Tabor Broadcast Transcript It almost changed the course of history... version:9/11/05

Dr. Tabor Interview on KRLD October 1993 version:9/11/05

Why Waco Collection by Dr. James Tabor, previously hosted by Mark Swett version:9/11/05


Branch Davidian Factions, both pro and anti-Koresh. version:8/21/05 photos

Poetry by Phil Ottman A Branch Davidian's spiritual journey. version:10/28/00

The Beauty State
Why Stop?
Battles of Shaking


Amo Roden I have posted some of the writings of Amo, ex-wife of David Koresh's rival George Roden. version 9/11/05 photo

GEORGE RODEN Meeting, and marrying, George
THE BRANCH DAVIDIAN WARS, PART 1 Davidian history according to Amo
TWO TRIALS AND A TAKEOVER Vernon Howell seizes Mt. Carmel


JUSTICE DELAYED Court battle for Mt. Carmel


Waco Links extensively annotated. version:8/28/05

Books on Waco for offline reading. version:9/12/05

Books on Related Topics: cults, Ruby Ridge, etc. version:8/26/05

Videos on Waco for offline viewing. version:9/11/05

Songs of Waco great and awful, famous and obscure. version:11/28/01


Impeach? What could my answer be? :-)

Alan Keyes for President! in progress:3/30/00

Millennium Madness: I hope everyone realizes this is a joke... version:12/31/99

Yugoslavia Links: Some links that give some deeper background than you will get from the news. version:5/4/99


Remember that you can also find coverage of the annual memorial services on my Waco Anniversaries site!